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We capture the essence of your brand’s identity, product’s performance, or event’s energy by utilizing an array of our tools and techniques. Below, you’ll find an overview of our video production capabilities and live streaming services. 

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Video Production

When it comes to marketing content, we know there’s an overwhelming amount of options. As creative problem-solvers, we’ve learned how to identify our partner’s unique content needs and tailor our strategy accordingly. We focus on delivering long-term solutions for your business rather than sending you a pre-packaged content product. Product videos, event recaps, and brand identity videos are some of the most common focuses of our footage, but nothing is outside our scope.


Here’s some insight into our process:


First things first - before we start making your content, we need to know your brand. Our media marketing experts will sit down with you, learn about your business growth goals, and together we’ll come up with a video production strategy to develop a visual representation that uniquely defines your business and resonates with your target audience.


Once we have decided on a video idea we want to bring to life, we get to work on pre-production. The plan for the subject matter and video structure takes shape as we decide where the video will be shot, how long it will take, and what talent will be needed for the production. Then, we iron out travel and equipment logistics required for the production.

Once the meetings are over and the preparation is complete, it's time to have some fun! The production phase is where all the raw footage used throughout the video will be captured. Our shoots are always a good time, you won’t want to miss out on the action. Even if we have to follow you off a cliff to get the footage, consider it done. The perfect shot often requires extra effort, luckily, our camera techs are also top-tier athletes. High-intensity clips and follow cams aren’t just in our wheelhouse, they're our specialty. Our videographers won’t just jump through hoops for you, they also use their artistic eye to capture jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring footage of the location. State-of-the-art drone cameras will capture aerial shots that leave your audience itching to see the site for themselves.

After production is complete, we go to work on refining your message and crafting the optimal video. During the post-production phase, we will carefully review all the recorded footage and begin to organize and edit the content. We bring the pieces together, breathe life into the video with color grading and sound design, then deliver your stunning visual story.

Video shoot of a live event.jpg

Events of high importance like conferences, trainings, and competitions deserve to be seen by all your fans/organization, not just the in-person attendees. By partnering with X-Stream 365, your event can not only reach a larger audience in real-time through our live streaming capabilities, but also get professionally recorded and stored indefinitely in a content archive. 


There are boundless opportunities to monetize these capabilities, and our team will be happy to help along the way. 

From setting up to steaming, recording to recapping, the X-stream 365 team enables our partners to focus on the event operations rather than the marketing opportunities.


We exceed in remote location live streams, long-distance multi-camera wireless HD video transmission, and first-class drone services through utilizing the latest in innovative software and hardware from some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as NewTek NDI platforms, Teradek wireless video transmission, and encoding, Ubiquiti network interface, Sony Cinema Line cameras, and many more.

From competitions to conferences, live events will never be the same. Advancements in streaming technology make it possible for anyone to tune in to the most anticipated function of the year from the comfort of their couch if they so choose. Of course, nothing beats the energy of attending in person, but the safety and scalability benefits that come from live streaming are undeniable. There are a plethora of opportunities to monetize your live/recorded event, and our team is happy to help you identify and act on them.

Live Streaming

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